Albondigas Recipe

There is a local Mexican restaurant that I am absolutely obsessed with. Their food is so delicious I want to have their food all of the time; but my bank account won’t let me. So I set out to make a copycat recipe for their Albondigas aka meatball soup. Can I tell you, that I now love mine more? I’ve had family tell me the same thing! So I wanted to share this recipe with the rest of you in hoping that you fall in love with it too. I CRAVE this recipe when I’m sick or when it gets super cold outside. Also, I don’t add salt or pepper to the actual broth, I leave that up to the individual who’s eating it.

Originally, I Googled different recipes for meatball soup and found a couple I agreed with that sounded yummy. Some of them I blended together and other recipes and then I added my own twists to them. I warn you, it makes enough for a small army, so use a big pot. I have thought of using Young Living’s Oregano Vitality oil in this recipe but haven’t tried it yet. If you do, leave a comment below with how it turned out! I’d also love to hear about any changes you make to twist it into your own recipe. ❤


Meatball Soup

Disclaimer: The image of the soup in the bowl; no idea what soup that is but it isn’t of my meatball soup. haha I wanted that known. I found the image on Pixabay which allows you to use their images online. Ingredients looked similar so I thought it was fitting.

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