Hi, I’m Michele!

This is my corner of the internet where I display my story of being a single mom, show off my creative talents, share my favorite books and recipes and show you how I survive day to day.


If we met in person, my laugh would be one of the first things you’d notice about me. I have learned to laugh at the little things. I also laugh when I’m nervous or scared or stressed. Laughter keeps me sane and helps me survive all life’s crazy adventures.


I love my kid. I want this site to be about our journeys together; recipes, road trips, artwork, pets, vacations and adventures. All the things we love together and apart.


I fell in love with essential oils a little over four years ago and they’ve helped me create a healthier home for us. It’s become a passion that I incorporate into every aspect of my life. My home, car, work, Facebook, Instagram all show my love of this product.