Motivational Monday

I feel like Monday's are the days we all need a little extra motivation, so I started this thing on my Facebook that I call Motivational Monday's. I try and post a quote that has a meaning or some form of motivation to keep me going. Something that pushes me a little extra. Sometimes they... Continue Reading →


Let’s talk turtles

Have you ever seen that cartoon where they show you a turtle and the tank is this small round, glass flower pot type container with a palm tree and the turtle is wearing sun glasses while lounging around in a lawn chair? Owning a turtle is nothing like that... For as long as I can... Continue Reading →

Albondigas Recipe

There is a local Mexican restaurant that I am absolutely obsessed with. Their food is so delicious I want to have their food all of the time; but my bank account won't let me. So I set out to make a copycat recipe for their Albondigas aka meatball soup. Can I tell you, that I... Continue Reading →

Orange Glazed Honey Ham

Here is another fun twist to a favorite holiday recipe. With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away let's focus on the ham. Did you know that Young Living has a whole line of oils just for ingesting; the Vitality oils. They are so fun to cook with!   *Updated Graphic to show vitality oils*... Continue Reading →

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER BITES Ok, so this has nothing to do with essential oils, but it’s ok to divert from time to time, right? Let’s talk about healthy alternative options to buffalo chicken bites. You hate cauliflower? No problem! I promise, the buffalo sauce will over power any cauliflower taste and the texture disappears when cooked.... Continue Reading →

Young Living Everyday Essentials

EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS! There are 11 oils that come in a Young Living Premium Starter Kit; Thieves, DiGize, Frankincense, R.C., Purification, Copaiba, Lemon, Stress Away, Peppermint, PanAway and Lavender. These are the top 11 oils, the most popular; your everyday essentials. The white labeled bottles are the Vitality oils. The Vitality oils are Young Living’s dietary... Continue Reading →

The Best Summer Diffuser Blends

THE BEST SUMMER DIFFUSER BLENDS Minus the bugs, the summer is my favorite time of the year. I love being able to open up my windows and get that breeze flowing through the house. The smell of fresh cut grass, fresh flowers. Of course, during those peak months when it’s too hot to have the... Continue Reading →

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