Avenger’s Birthday Party

My daughter and I are Avenger’s geeks. We played hooky the day Civil War was released and I wore my Captain America shirt while she wore her Iron Man shirt; a house divided.

So it was no surprise when she told me she wanted her birthday to be Avenger’s themed. First thing I did was go on Etsy and found this beautiful Iron Man Dress for her by TieDyedFairyTails. This dress is the reason we made the party a costume party. How often do we let kids dress up outside of Halloween? It’s safe to say they had a blast!


Normally on her birthday’s I like to make my own cakes. I’m kind of a control freak in a sense and I also have a creative side where I enjoy making things. However, my day job of being a Systems Engineer sometimes prohibits me from using my creative side and I had not baked a cake in a long time. I went on Etsy again and found two cake toppers by SpinnakerStudios. This shop is great because I bought the first cake topper of Captain America vs Iron man and had her name put on the top. After I bought the cake topper, I read that I could put in a request. So I messaged the shop with an image I wanted and they shipped that one right along with the first! So I had two cakes to make.

The first cake turned out great but the second looks like it went through war right along with the characters. I ran out of frosting and stopped caring because my hands were hurting. hahaha plus, they’re 9, they don’t care. (All my cake pans are in storage so I had to use two pans for that cake and ya, you can see my “improvising” turned out not so great) I did make my own icing on the inside of the cake. I love whipped cream cheese frosting. mmmm its sooo good. (See below for the recipe) Otherwise, I buy boxes for the cake and I buy the cans of icing for the outside. That’s the extend of my baking abilities. Maybe one day I’ll be a master, but today, I just do it for fun.

Since my daughter is team Iron Man, I themed a majority of the party using Iron Man colors; red and gold/yellow. I got streamers and balloons and pinned everything I could on Pinterest regarding super hero themed parties. I got a bounce house with Avenger’s theme on the front and two big cardboard cutouts on Amazon, one of Iron Man and one of Captain America. These guys are life size. I’m 5’9″ and they’re taller than me. So having them sit in my living room startled me every time I turned around and saw two big men staring at me. (Not that it’s a bad view.) Then there was the time my dad was sitting at the computer and they were standing behind him. It looked like they were protecting him from a secret mission. It’s entertainment that outlasts the party.

I made a Hulk Smash game using foam board and purple solo cups. I used the cups on the back to trace an outline of the opening, then an exacto knife to cut inside the circle. I made sure not to cut on the line but a small sliver inside so the cups fit in through the hole but didn’t slide through. I put small, $1 toys inside the cup and then taped purple tissue paper to the top of the cup and slid the cup into the slot. This, was the most successful game at the party. The kids loved smashing the cups and getting a prize. I tried to make them slightly different too. Some had ring pop lip gloss, some had candy, some had fart putty, some had those sticky hands that stretch when you toss them.

My favorite was the table decorations and food. I already had Avenger’s toys so I used Captain America as a napkin holder. I printed out labels I made on canva.com (which, btw is my favorite site right now for creating quick and simple graphics) and went way overboard for a 9 year olds party but even the adults told me they had fun so I guess that’s all that matters. The Hulk Punch was Green Fruit Punch and 7 up and the water bottle labels were another pinterest/etsy find (Man, those sites get me into trouble)

Last item was foam board that I quickly drew out like a comic book strip. I used it as a prop for taking photos. I used an exacto knife to cut out the inside just like with the Hulk Smash game and a permanent marker to draw out the rest.

I hope I’ve helped give you some fun ideas for your party. I could have done so much more. I found so many cute ideas but had to find a little self control before I spent too much $$ on this party.


Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting


1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
1 cup granulated white sugar
1/8 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups heavy whipping cream

In a large bowl, add sugar, salt, vanilla and cream cheese. Blend completely
Gradually add in the heavy whipping cream
Whip until Cream becomes fluffy
You can use right away or store in the fridge until needed. I’ve also heard you could add in some lemon essential oils to make it lemon flavored. I bet it would also taste amazing with some strawberries added in too. mmmm ok, now I’m hungry.

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