Building a Foundation – Healthy Living

About 6 years ago, I had to move back in with my parents. As a adult this can be a huge blow to anyones ego. Not to mention that since the last time I lived at home a lot had changed; I’d gotten married and I’d had a kid. So here I was, 27 years old with an 18-month-old, moving back in with mom and dad. See, life likes to throw you a curve ball every now and then to keep you on your toes. Mine, was divorce.

When I moved in, my dad and I both got into gardening. I bought these starter kits from the store and a bunch of fruits and veggie seeds to get us going. (My mom joked that she was going to buy us both overalls because we were turning into farmers.) I enjoyed looking up each fruit or veggie and learning the different benefits each one had on our body. How, the longer you leave bell pepper on the vine the more vitamin C it has, and it already has more vitamin C than an orange. The more I learned the more I wanted to buy a farm and only eat food I planted myself.

This is what I called my beginning stages of turning hippie. Or, building my healthy living foundation.

I slowly started making changes in my life that I really wasn’t aware of, they were leading to bigger things.

I was a huge, huge soda addict. My grandpa gave me soda at 6 months old and I swear I was hooked right then and there. People don’t believe me, but it would calm a tension in my chest. If I was stressing out, I’d drink a soda and it would calm me down. If I didn’t drink soda that day, by the end of the day I had a headache that only soda could remove. It. Was. Bad. (I’m pretty convinced people think I’m crazy when I tell that story but I’m going to risk it and tell you as well.)

Shortly after moving in with my parents, I went and found a part time job. I was already going to school I just needed a job to hold me over until I was finished with my degree. So I went to work at JoAnn (which if you are addicted to crafts or have any ounce of creativity in your bones, this is a highly dangerous place to work; for your bank account.) While I was there, my boss and I decided to get healthy and start dieting. He helped encourage me to stop drinking soda, which wasn’t easy at first but I made it. And I was able to lose about 15 pounds before leaving for the job I have now.

Somewhere in this time, I read an article about how only 1% of the population can go a year without McDonalds. Well anyone who knows me, knows I am stubborn. So I saw that as a challenge and now I’m going 4 or 5 years without it. I then decided, if I can slowly remove negative food items from my diet, I’d be better off in the long run. Which lead me to give up hot dogs. (Sometimes my stubbornness can be a good thing too.)

All of these lifestyle changes I was making slowly, over time. Trying to become a healthier version of me; mentally, physically, spiritually. I was already open to change. So you may find it funny to know, that when my friend introduced me to essential oils, I was a skeptic and didn’t think they would work. I honestly thought that I’d buy them and they’d sit on a shelf collecting dust and I’d be filled with feelings of regret every time I looked at them. I look back on the foundation I’d built of healthy living and slowly becoming a hippie and I laugh that I was such a skeptic. Essential oils are the life blood of a plant. I already know how beneficial plants are, why wouldn’t essential oils work the same?

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