Motivational Monday

I feel like Monday’s are the days we all need a little extra motivation, so I started this thing on my Facebook that I call Motivational Monday’s. I try and post a quote that has a meaning or some form of motivation to keep me going. Something that pushes me a little extra. Sometimes they are funny quotes about coffee and mean nothing except to add humor, hoping others laugh with me. Anyone who works a 9-5 job knows the struggle of Monday’s and my contribution to the world – or at the least my Facebook friends – is that one motivational quote on Monday’s hoping it helps at least one person.

So here are some quotes to help remove those Monday blues.

Everything you have ever wanted

Have you ever had a fear hold you back from being great? I can think back to a handful of times in my life where I know fear kept me from either having fun or where I let fear control the outcome of a situation. In college I quit Sign Language because of fear; I hate being in front of people and when I stand up in front of everyone my hands shake. Instead of conquering that fear I let it control me. I’d love to go back and battle that fear. One thing I have learned on this oil journey is that I can’t let fear hold me back; fear won’t allow me to reach my true potential. Greatness is on the other side of fear.

Fall in love with taking care of your body

My oil journey has also increased my obsession with taking care of myself. Fall in love with taking care of your body. Make sure your mind is included in that.

What I thought was gonna be the death of me was my saving grace

I love country music and this Luke Combs song is my favorite right now. This line right here may be my favorite because it speaks to me. No joke, I feel I could have written this line. I often refer to my divorce not because I’m holding onto the past or miss any part of my marriage but because I see my divorce as a spring board. It propelled me into this amazing journey I’m still on. I was like the caterpillar and my divorce allowed me to become a butterfly. I remember that first week we separated feeling like I was going crazy; I could not eat, I could not sleep.  After that, there was no where to go but up and it made me who I am today; stronger.


Happy Monday!

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