Est. 1983

First Born | Christian | Blonde Hair | Brown Eyes

Boxer Dogs | Painter | Sister | Muscle Cars | Mother | Disney

Bachelor’s Degree | Daughter | Drawer | Friend | Single Mom | California Raised

Holistic | Systems Engineer | Geek | Marvel Enthusiast

Country Music | Imperfect | Creative | Tall

Loves to Laugh | Dreamer

I am an artist. I love to do pretty much anything that takes a little creativity. I can sit and focus on my artwork for hours. My typical medium is acrylic paint but I also love to draw, web design, cake decorating, photography, etc. Honestly, if it has any aspect of creativity involved, I love to learn how it works and try my best at it.

I am a mother. I have one child who is my world. Everything I do in life is to make her life better. She might be a little spoiled but not horribly. She’s helped me become more girly since the day she was born. I never liked the color pink before she was born and now I find myself favoring the color.

I am a sister. I am the oldest child. I have two younger brothers who always would gang up and pick on me while growing up. So I’ve learned to have some pretty thick skin and also grew up playing with Ninja Turtles and Power Ranger toys.

I am a nerd. I love nerdy things in life. I get excited about Disneyland as though I was a little kid. I love comic books; preferably Marvel. I love computers and gadgets. I laugh at the little things in life and can find humor in anything. I love shows like The IT Crowd and shop on sites like ThinkGeek. I make backpacks out of duct tape, name my dog after my favorite football team and paint my toes red because of a country song.